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Free shoutbox, sbox, cbox and chat based on Ajax PHP XML Javascript with SQL DB

Get the script of sbox chatbox or shoutbox for free.Insert the script on yourpage
Rules of Use of ShoutBox, sbox , cbox and chat room
  • You can use this code UP to 10000 sboutbox-es, cbox-es or chat-s on website ..
  • Admin can suspend the work of chat, shoutbox, sbox, cbox, for updates and other situations that are not respecting public norms, or some trouble with server
All items These Free Shoutbox, cbox, sbox or Chat have a Transparent BackGround, So you can set it by yourself using style atribute in HTML tag ;) GoodLuck We ofer Free shoutbox, chat room, minichat, sbox, cbox, that will keep users online on your site chating.
  • You can choose different skins: shoutbox, mini-chat, sbox, cbox and chat.
  • You can request administration for your chat, shoutbox, sbox or cbox, sending a letter to
  • Using this addon you don't need to create chat or shoutbox, or develop a big script for something like shoutbox.
Just use this embed script code, that will give you a beautiful, nice chat room, where your users will discuss funy things
The chat, shoutbox, minichat, sbox and cbox is using free icon_pack Bluish maded by Mebaze
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Projects in progress

  • Ask & Answer APP - ( testing.. )
  • Social Project: - ( in construction )
    • CVs DataBase
    • Jobs Database
    • Messages, Agenda, Friends, Small SDK for Game building an Share
  • Online Drawing App - ( partial, on stage, browser compatibility updates for HTML5.. )
    • supports layers, masks, and layes grouping ( testing... )
    • drawing in Multiple formats ( base is Vector Type )
    • exporting in JPG, PNG, SVG, BMP, GIF.. etc ( done )
    • libraries for shema buildin.. ( updating content.. adding items.. )
  • Online Realtime strategy ( .. confidential.. )
    • updating image libraries... ( in progress )
    • updating translations...
    • updating notifiers
    • updating schemas
  • Auto configurable LAMP ( ready, private )
  • Server Stats based on Apache an System Logs ( ready, private )
  • DDOS protection module ( ready, private )

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